Director: 60 min | Crime, Horror, Thriller. Justin G. Dyck | Brad Pitt, Crime, Drama, Fantasy. Lars Mikkelsen, Stars: 105,049 Kevin Hanchard, R Action, Comedy, Crime. Elisabeth Moss, Emmy Rossum, Votes: Action, Comedy, Crime. 50 min | Gross: Aneesh Chaganty | Grace Kelly, Stars: | 416,524 Stars: Retro Crime and Krimli films galore! 86 min The standard film noir protagonist is a private eye or detective, whose persona often has shades of grey, such as a dark past or moral ambiguity. Crime, Drama, Mystery. 116 min Un détective amateur et sa petite amie tentent de capturer un gang de saboteurs, au grand dam de la police. Verre drole. $102.52M, R Ben Kingsley, Stars: | Gross: Avec l'aide d'un détective privé, il recherche désespérément sa femme et son argent. Action, Crime, Drama. When Robert Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia, he teams up with Dr. Sienna Brooks, and together they must race across Europe against the clock to foil a deadly global plot. A famous "psychic" outs himself as a fake, and starts working as a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation so he can find "Red John", the madman who killed his wife and daughter. Sharon Stone, $24.61M, R Lawrence A. Bonney, A sole survivor tells of the twisty events leading up to a horrific gun battle on a boat, which began when five criminals met at a seemingly random police lineup. Lucifer Morningstar has decided he's had enough of being the dutiful servant in Hell and decides to spend some time on Earth to better understand humanity. Dean Devlin 100,608 151 min Steve Carell, | Gross: Woody Harrelson, Votes: Anthony Edwards, Votes: Chazz Palminteri, | Edward James Olmos, Votes: Emily Mortimer, Mystery, Thriller. (In Toronto Film Festival.) Adriana Ugarte, Shawn Levy | 107,837 J.K. Simmons, Thomas M. Wright, PG-13 983,582 Toni Collette, Stars: Andrew Bushell, | | Stars: An ex-CIA agent and a wealthy programmer save lives via a surveillance AI that sends them the identities of civilians involved in impending crimes. Bridget prend le nom de Wendy Kroy et se fait embaucher dans la compagnie d'assurance qui emploie Mike. Joon-hyuk Lee, 1,258,354 The kids love, can talk with, and will do anything for, Granddad. Stars: | Barbara Bel Geddes, Poppy Montgomery, Jay Ryan, Crime, Drama, Mystery. A streetwise hustler is pulled into a compelling conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of a girl who looks just like her. 107 min Ben Foster, Votes: Hitman ! Crime, Drama, Thriller. Joe Pantoliano, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Don Siegel | | Christopher Nolan Ron Howard The femme fatale’s desire for more and for better is deadly and dangerous for those who succumb to her lure, but the detective’s desire for truth can be fatal for the dark lady too. | Gross: Jordan Gavaris, | Andrew Davis DCI Gene Hunt swaps the Ford Cortina for an Audi Quattro and joins the London Metropolitan Police to deal with the 'Southern Nancy' criminal scum. Kevin Spacey, Eight years after the disappearance of Cassandra, some disturbing incidents seem to indicate that she's still alive. Film noir, flourishing in America throughout the 1940’s and 1950’s, is one of the most disturbing of movie genres – is it, in the first place, a distinct genre at all? Stars: Stars: Joanna Cassidy, Here are 12 great film noirs streaming on Netflix: 12. $34.34M, R Djimon Hounsou, Director: Director: | Marshal. | Gross: 53,237 Morgan Freeman, Drama, Horror, Romance. | Kevin Bacon, 42 min Stars: 142,829 Stars: Ben Miller, R Titre original : Who Done It? | Robert Gossett, TV-MA Stars: | David Fincher A toon-hating detective is a cartoon rabbit's only hope to prove his innocence when he is accused of murder. 148,102 $2.11M, R Robin Tunney, William Windom, John McNaughton Robert Downey Jr., | | $31.90M, R An undercover cop and a mole in the police attempt to identify each other while infiltrating an Irish gang in South Boston. | Michelle Monaghan, Votes: Leslie David Baker, Votes: | Clint Eastwood, $22.49M, PG-13 Joseph Lee, | $20.71M, TV-MA Directors: | 612,113 Stephen Churchett, Stars: | Gross: A Film de Femme is a film featuring one or more strong female characters. ‘The Kid Detective’ Review: This Smart, Handsomely Noir-esque Whodunit Is No Child’s Play Reviewed online, New York, Oct. 14, 2020. According to R. Barton Palmer in Hollywood's Dark Cinema, the 2nd sub-genre within film noir is "detective films." Director: A woman moves into an exclusive New York City apartment building, which she soon discovers houses tenants with all manner of shocking secrets. Director: Jill Hennessy, Michelle La, Votes: | Action, Crime, Drama. It was John Huston's directorial debut. | Gross: | Gross: 118 min | Robert Downey Jr., | Alana De La Garza, Mark Wahlberg, Roman Polanski | Stars: Directors: After his 16-year-old daughter goes missing, a desperate father breaks into her laptop to look for clues to find her. 130 min 42 min 18,658 Robert Wagner, A 200-year-old man works in the New York City Morgue trying to find a key to unlock the curse of his immortality. Stars: Helena Bonham Carter, TV-14 138 min Années 1940 silhouette. | Bruce Willis, Lucy Liu, Votes: | Gross: Un détective privé (Vittorio De Sica) tombe amoureux d’une inconnue nommée Adriana (Clara Calamai), au désarroi de son mari (Sergio Tofano).Fiche technique. Mark Strong, Votes: Keanu Reeves, | Détective pipe à fumer. $209.03M, R | | Cho Seung-woo, Comedy, Crime, Romance. Julia Roberts, | 43 min A private detective takes on a case that involves him with three eccentric criminals, a gorgeous liar, and their quest for a priceless statuette. A teenage loner pushes his way into the underworld of a high school crime ring to investigate the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend. Stephen Baldwin, Votes: | 60 min Comedy, Crime, Drama. | Crime, Drama, Mystery. Rachel McAdams, Bruce McGill, TV-14 Directors: Stars: Tomas Alfredson | Álvaro Morte. Woodside, PG-13 Angela Lansbury, Will they be able to hold it together or mentally breakdown and give up? Scott Speedman, Rooney Mara, Crime, Mystery, Thriller. Kim Novak, $33.08M, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Shia LaBeouf, Votes: Dylan Bruce, With his wife's disappearance having become the focus of an intense media circus, a man sees the spotlight turned on him when it's suspected that he may not be innocent. | The film is populated with cameos by characters from Disney (Donald Duck, Dumbo) to Looney Tunes (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, etc. Sela Ward, | Taraji P. Henson, Paul McGuigan Hilary Swank, | | Gross: ... A private detective takes on a case that involves him with three eccentric criminals, a gorgeous liar, and their quest for a priceless statuette. Angie Harmon, | Colin Firth, 48,093 Action, Crime, Thriller. Director: | Gross: Crime, Drama, Mystery. | Gross: Enrico Colantoni, Mark Ruffalo, The Maltese Falcon 1941, 100 min. Guy Pearce, Un détective très privé (Who Done It?) | Gross: Detective Sherlock Holmes and his stalwart partner Watson engage in a battle of wits and brawn with a nemesis whose plot is a threat to all of England. $72.22M, R > The 10 Greatest Femmes Fatales in Film Noir The 10 Greatest Femmes Fatales in Film Noir. Kevin Costner, Crime, Drama, Fantasy. | Martin Donovan, Votes: Cybill Shepherd, Harry Guardino, | Curtis Hanson Stars: Jack Doolan, When the puppet cast of a '90s children's TV show begin to get murdered one by one, a disgraced LAPD detective-turned-private eye puppet takes on the case. Susan Sullivan, Police detective Sarah Lund investigates difficult cases with personal and political consequences. Kerry Condon, Director: Sa fausse identité est presque une anagramme de « New York » et Clay, connaissant son goût pour les jeux d'écriture, finira par éventer son secret. Stars: Whether it’s a charismatic lead, a winding narrative, or both, these 20 features are only a small fraction of this great genre, though they represent the best of the best. Stars: Joel David Moore, A seemingly cold but very passionate policewoman goes head to head with a seemingly passionate father who is in fact a cold serial killer in this procedural out of Belfast. Melissa McCarthy, | Lukas Haas, Michael Emerson, TV-PG $156.45M, R Stars: Stars: A mysterious blonde woman kills one of a psychiatrist's patients, and then goes after the high-class call girl who witnessed the murder. | Jack Palance, Votes: Détective homme et femme dangereuse avec une arme. | Director: Ethan Coen 44 min Stars: Steven Soderbergh Kristen Bell, | | Peter Stormare, Votes: Jake Gyllenhaal, Drama, Mystery, Thriller. | $64.62M, R Under constant surveillance by Detective Brikowski and assassin Goodkat, he must get them before they get him. John Huston Crime, Drama, Thriller. Sean Young, Javier Gutiérrez, Director: Rutger Hauer, | | Bjarne Henriksen, TV-PG Mark O'Brien, Director: Guy Ritchie | Stars: Robert Downey Jr. , Jude Law , Rachel McAdams , Mark Strong He settles in Los Angeles - the City of Angels. Capucine, Votes: In 1954, a U.S. Director: | Meagan Good, Votes: Geraldine McEwan, Stars: Comedy, Crime, Romance. Jeune détective avec loupe isolée sur blanc. | Nick Zano, A woman murdered. Stars: Daniel London, R Stars: Ben Affleck, Two Boston area detectives investigate a little girl's kidnapping, which ultimately turns into a crisis both professionally and personally. ), with other classics like Betty Boop, and introduces the vivacious scene-stealing moll, Roger’s femme fatale wife, … Director: With Cillian Murphy, Lucy Liu, Jason Sudeikis, Michael Panes. Two storms separated by 25 years. Crime, Drama, Mystery. Action, Fantasy, Horror. Stars: Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc | Lauren Lee Smith, Billy Campbell, Reni Santoni, Votes: 60 min James Stewart, $32.87M, PG-13 | | Kristin Kreuk, $36.76M, R Stars: | Director: Stars: | Harrison Ford, | Gross: Matt Damon, Tatiana Maslany, 180,881 Anthony LaPaglia, 108 min Ben Kingsley, Votes: 104 min | $98.71M, R Romantic comedies or chick flicks are … Crime, Drama, Thriller. Animation, Adventure, Comedy. 356,687 Miguel Ferrer, Madison Lee is a former private detective in the film Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle 2003. | Crime, Drama. | Mireille Enos, Stars: 100 min | Kevin Spacey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stars: | Bailey, Stars: 44 min 579,792 Kevin Bacon, 104 min Perry Lopez, Votes: Phillip Noyce Director: It's up to an ex-cop who now runs an elite security outfit to stop him. Stars: Kevin Spacey, | | 592,449 $28.48M, 60 min Director: | | Fiche technique. Director: The typical jazzy musical motifs are gone, replaced with soulful interludes. | 186,053 A police investigation, the saga of a grieving family, and a Seattle mayoral campaign all interlock after the body of 17-year-old Rosie Larsen is found in the trunk of a submerged car. Tyler Perry, Votes: This genre is specifically designed by the 48HFP to encourage strong roles for females in 48HFP films. Stars: A beautiful detective falls in love with an ex-soldier who goes into hiding from the secret government organization that turned him into a mechanically charged beast. Rebecca Liddiard, Stars: Despite a checkered career, Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh goes above and beyond to solve cases. | Action, Adventure, Mystery. Director: The Philadelphia homicide squad's lone female detective finds her calling when she's assigned "cold cases", older crimes that have never been solved. Martin Scorsese Synopsis. Peter Hyams Nina Lisandrello, Andy Hamilton, The would be femme fatale is a flight attendant under the thumb of the police. | | The most prominent trait attributed to film noir is the hard-boiled detective, a figure of isolation who works apart from the law. Denise Richards, Votes: Stars: Courteney Cox, | Gross: 43 min Casey Affleck, | Director: 122 min Elizabeth Banks, Stars: $75.98M, Not Rated A young F.B.I. Harry Bradbeer Pour plus de détails, voir Fiche technique et Distribution Le Détective (The Detective) est un film américain réalisé par Gordon Douglas et sorti en 1968 . 110 min Aisling Franciosi, TV-MA Kaitlyn Dever, 128 min David Niven, Robert Sheehan, In New York City, a case of mistaken identity turns a bored married couple's attempt at a glamorous and romantic evening into something more thrilling and dangerous. Tim Kang, Action, Crime, Drama. Mary McDonnell, | | Gross: Stars: Oriol Paulo 117 min | Gross: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller. 265,685 $3.20M, R 123 min $130.74M, R Mark Boone Junior, Votes: | | 275,668 Ryan Reynolds, That's because we invented it! | 106 min | Robert Zemeckis Jack Nicholson, Jeon Bae-soo. | Mark Wahlberg, Votes: $67.36M, TV-14 | | William Baldwin, Sam Claflin, Catherine LeVendeur is a novice in a convent in 12th Century France who appears in a series of historical mystery novels by Sharan Newman. 46 min Dean Andrews, | Austin Basis, TV-14 | | Steve Valentine, R Liam James, TV-14 Based on the true story of Marie, a teenager who was charged with lying about having been raped, and the two female detectives who followed the path to the truth. Their cases involve them in all sorts of dealings - not all of them on the right side of the law. | | Gross: $23.34M, PG Keith Gordon, Votes: Action, Crime, Drama. Tom Shadyac In the late 1960s/early 1970s, a San Francisco cartoonist becomes an amateur detective obsessed with tracking down the Zodiac Killer, an unidentified individual who terrorizes Northern California with a killing spree. Jason Dohring, With the help of a gutsy female detective, a prosecutor who has almost lost the ability to feel emotions tackles a strange murder case amid political corruption. 1,430,028 Jude Law, | | | Philip Glenister, | Chantel Riley, | Leonardo DiCaprio, Simon West Rachel Weisz, Crime, Drama, Mystery. 291,776 $100.13M, R Jonathan Demme Director: Dane Cook, Votes: | | | Bob Hoskins, $20.30M, R Alfred Hitchcock George Clooney, Posted on February 19, 2016 February 19, 2016 by Fanni Somlyai. Espion au travail. Sasha Alexander, Millie Bobby Brown, | Catherine Zeta-Jones, Votes: | Stars: The Top 10 Detective Films of All Time; The Top 20 Detective Films of All Time; The Top 50 Detective Films of All Time; The Top 100 Detective Films of All Time; The Top 250 Detective Films of All Time; The Best Horror Movies Of the 1980s; The Best Science Fiction Movies of 1977; The Best Comedy Movies Of the 2000s; The Most Recently Released Movies 60 min 1,178,812 Director: John Travolta, $29.00M, R Christopher Plummer, James Cromwell, | Gross: Clint Eastwood Robin Williams, 157,256 Journalist Mikael Blomkvist is aided in his search for a woman who has been missing for forty years by Lisbeth Salander, a young computer hacker. Crime, Drama, Thriller. | Gross: Franco Lo Presti, Jamie Bamber. Drama, Mystery, Thriller. Stars: Peter Mullan, Adrienne Lesniak is a New York City detective played by Justine Miceli on the ABC series NYPD Blue 1994–1996. Stars: Jeremy Ratchford, PG-13 Retro Crime and Krimli films galore! Huston also wrote the screenplay of the 1929 Dashiell Hammett novel revolving around detective Sam Spade. | | Al Pacino, Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Christopher Nolan 45 min Stars: | Gross: Director: Peter Sellers, Gary Oldman, Billy Connolly, | Noir, Mystery, 50's nuevo horror, "Who done its?" | Kyra Sedgwick, Stars: Nathan Fillion, Stars: 128 min Gabriel Byrne, Bruce A. Evans | Owain Yeoman, R Action, Crime, Drama. Genelle Williams, TV-14 Harrison Ford, Tone Loc, Votes: Emily Alatalo, Action, Fantasy, Horror. Director: Director: Merritt Wever, | Gladys George, A man with short-term memory loss attempts to track down his wife's murderer. $183.88M, PG Drama, Mystery, Thriller. A private detective hired to expose an adulterer finds himself caught up in a web of deceit, corruption, and murder. Joel Coen, Rosamund Pike, 113 min 110 min Crime, Drama, Fantasy. | Brian Henson A police detective uncovers a conspiracy behind a case involving a high-school guidance counselor when accusations of rape are made against him by two female students. Autres tags : Disney, Film culte, Oscar des meilleurs effets spéciaux, cinéma / univers du cinéma / film dans le film, femme fatale / femme mystérieuse, animation vs monde réel, Sex Symbol, lapin | Stars: | Stars: | Gross: $128.01M, Approved Never heard of a Film de Femme? | | Ravi Kapoor, $35.90M, R Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson runs the Priority Homicide Division of the LAPD with an unorthodox style. 43 min 102 min Police, parents and Cassandra herself, will try to unravel the mystery of her disappearance. Film noir, flourishing in America throughout the 1940’s and 1950’s, is one of the most disturbing of movie genres – is it, in the first place, a distinct genre at all? | 102 min | Stars: Stars: After a serial killer imitates the plots of his novels, successful mystery novelist Richard "Rick" Castle receives permission from the Mayor of New York City to tag along with an NYPD homicide investigation team for research purposes. $63.41M, PG Posted on February 19, 2016 February 19, 2016 by Fanni Somlyai. David Tennant, David Fincher | Set détective. 88 min 121 min Stellan Skarsgård, Votes: Angie Dickinson, Director: Danny Pino, Martin Scorsese Stars: Stark Sands, Mystery, Thriller. Stars: Professional writer and amateur sleuth Jessica Fletcher uses her intellect, charm, and persistence to get to the bottom of every crime she encounters. R 125 min | 118 min | David Fincher Stars: Polly Walker, Votes: Titre : Ma femme et son détective Titre original : La guardia del corpo Réalisation : Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia Scénario : Luigi Bonelli (it), Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia, Aldo De Benedetti (it), Vittorio De Sica Tony Denison, Marshall Lancaster, TV-14 | Stars: Mimosa Willamo, Crime, Drama, Mystery. | | Gross: | | The lives of three men who were childhood friends are shattered when one of them has a family tragedy. Director: 122 min Timothy Hutton, Votes: Jack Nicholson, When a madman calling himself "the Scorpio Killer" menaces the city, tough-as-nails San Francisco Police Inspector "Dirty" Harry Callahan is assigned to track down and ferret out the crazed psychopath. Enrique Murciano, $66.89M, TV-PG Lauren German, | 121 min Jim Carrey, | 149 min Comedy, Drama, Mystery. Steve Buscemi, It was John Huston's directorial debut. Director: Sa fausse identité est presque une anagramme de « New York » et Clay, connaissant son goût pour les jeux d'écriture, finira par éventer son secret. | Tell us what you think about this feature. 157 min 151,583 | Gross: Kevin Pollak, Votes: John Lynch, Morgan Freeman, 60 min John Cho, Corrupt cop Barney Nolan (Edmond O'Brien) is hard up for cash, so he shoots a bookie, relieves him of $25,000 and makes it look like an accident. Detective Sherlock Holmes and his stalwart partner Watson engage in a battle of wits and brawn with a nemesis whose plot is a threat to all of England. The Closer (2005) spin-off series, which follows Captain Raydor of the Los Angeles Police Department. A small-town policewoman falls for a suspected diamond thief at Christmas time. A former police detective juggles wrestling with his personal demons and becoming obsessed with a hauntingly beautiful woman. Krystin Pellerin, David Fincher Obsessed with the disappearance of a 12-year-old pregnant girl near a freezing lake in New Zealand, a brave detective will find herself up against small-town secrets and a side of herself that was meticulously kept at bay. All of which can and does lend well to horror. Crime, Drama, Mystery. | When the daughter of a well-known and well-respected base commander is murdered, an undercover detective is summoned to look into the matter and finds a slew of cover-ups at West Point. Kathryn Morris, Faye Dunaway, Director: oeil homme. Based-on-20th-Century-Literature • Detective Film • Femme Fatale. | Thelma Ritter, Votes: Director: > The 10 Greatest Femmes Fatales in Film Noir The 10 Greatest Femmes Fatales in Film Noir. Drama, Thriller. | Gross: Jamie Dornan, John Huston • Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Gladys … | | Tommy Lee Jones, G.W. Louis Herthum, TV-MA Maya Rudolph, Crime, Drama, Mystery. | John Huston, cadet must receive the help of an incarcerated and manipulative cannibal killer to help catch another serial killer, a madman who skins his victims. 138 min | | Gross: | Gross: Crime, Drama, Mystery. Stars: Mireille Enos, TV-MA | Gross: Director: Andrew Kevin Walker, Votes: Atom Egoyan Drama, Fantasy, Mystery. $10.88M, R Allyce Beasley, Crime, Drama, Mystery. Emilie de Ravin, Détective est un des rares films de Godard que le cinéaste n’a pas lui-même écrit. Director: 10 years after the end of Precrime in Washington DC one of the three PreCogs attempts to lead on a normal life while still suffering from visions of the future. The shady deals are conducted in, not just a mall, but the BIGGEST mall. Daniel Craig, Rosario Dawson, $102.71M, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Stars: | Comedy. Eric Close, TV-PG Kasi Lemmons, Votes: Albert Magnoli Crime, Drama, Mystery. | Gross: | Vintage criminalité. | Gross: Mary Astor, 128 min Meagan Good, Marthe Bernard, PG-13 Action, Adventure, Crime. | Mystery, Thriller. | Autres tags : Disney, Film culte, Oscar des meilleurs effets spéciaux, cinéma / univers du cinéma / film dans le film, femme fatale / femme mystérieuse, animation vs monde réel, Sex Symbol, lapin A "sexy, brilliant" Boston medical examiner. | Carrie-Anne Moss, $117.72M, R Double Indemnity (Billy Wilder, 1944) From the James M Cain novel and featuring taut direction and … | As corruption grows in 1950s Los Angeles, three policemen - one strait-laced, one brutal, and one sleazy - investigate a series of murders with their own brand of justice. | 127 min Crime, Drama, Mystery. $24.15M, PG-13 Pihla Viitala, 304,683 Supernatural exorcist and demonologist John Constantine helps a policewoman prove her sister's death was not a suicide, but something more. Stars: 57 min 115 min Blake Ellis, TV-14 | Gross: 528,327 Sean Penn, Jim Caviezel, Gabriel Byrne, 95,364 Sylvester Stallone, Mark Strong, Votes: 385 min Director: | | Donnie Keshawarz, PG-13 Tom Hardy, Stars: | | | 104 min Un détective privé enquête sur la famille d'une jeune femme amnésique. Stars: | Ridley Scott 418,121 Mark Ruffalo, | This clash presented in the novels is confronted with the 1940’s Hollywood production. Lauri Tilkanen, Crime, Drama, Mystery. When Sofia Karppi discovers the body of a young woman on a construction site, she triggers a chain of events that threatens to destroy her life again. | 120 min | | Gross: 60 min Humphrey Bogart, Rosamund Pike, Tina Fey, | | Francis Lawrence The bumbling Inspector Clouseau travels to Rome to catch a notorious jewel thief known as "The Phantom" before he conducts his most daring heist yet: a princess' priceless diamond with one slight imperfection, known as "The Pink Panther". Curtis Armstrong. | Gross: 60 min