We also make our knowledge, experiences and practices accessible to the wider community through free regular guided visits, workshops, trainings, visits and retreats, participation in WWOOFING, conferences, and our temporary membership scheme. Building Community In the Wider Environment Los Portales S.A. is a joint venture between the Food Corporation of Cuba and the Nestlé Group that is consolidated in the country as a leader in the production and marketing of water and soft drinks. Stewarding the … There are many ways you can support GEN with your time and energy. Líderes el rubro inmobiliario con más de 60 años apostando por el desarrollo del país.Presentes en más de 14 ciudades del país.Ofrecemos facilidades de pago Ms. Cora Pausch, Ecovillage Los Portales Intervention: ‘Intentional communities as a path to sustainability, social connectedness and regeneration of rural areas’ Cora Pausch is a german Master of Science graduate. Todas las actividades en forma de talleres y cursos, cuales son los proyectos, que hacen, artículos, recursos, enlaces y personas que buscan su comunidad. The Global Ecovillage Network envisions a world of empowered people and communities, designing pathways to a sustainable future, while building bridges of hope and international solidarity. Social As a solution-based, multi-stakeholder alliance, GEN provides information, tools, examples, and representation to the expanding global network dedicated to demonstrating principles and practices of sustainability in their lifestyles and communities. We have achieved economic sustainability through producing a large portion of our own food, and creating income streams through our artisanal bread business, hosting workshops, visitors and giving courses. Los Portales est parvenue un important niveau d'autosuffisance. You can also subscribe to your region's newsletter for local updates! Estás en la web de la Red Ibérica de Ecoaldeas (RIE) donde podrás encontrar información sobre el mundo de las comunidades y las ecoaldeas. Our bar serves a good selection of Tequilas, domestic and imported beer. For more information, please write to Neus at [email protected] … Read more. Author: Elliott Whitlow. This has developed over time into mixed economy incorporating community enterprises and individual income sources. We believe that the spiritual dimension of the human being does not develop on the basis of adherence to a school, church or belief system, but spirituality comes when our hearts are open, light and available, and when our interpersonal relationships become creative, based in trust, respect and collaboration. We are preparing our first Online Ecovillage Gathering! documental Decrecimiento, del Mito de la Abundancia a la Simplicidad Voluntaria. Two tacos, rice and beans 11. There are many ways you can support GEN with your time and energy. Located in the heart of nature, LOS PORTALES offers: ✽ A framework for personal and group transformation and change through dream work, deep listening, meditation, introspection, mutual support and connection with nature. One enchilada, one tamal, rice and fried beans 9. Stewarding the … We invite donations to GEN International or a GEN Region. There is an urban extension of Los Portales in Madrid: a  recently created center  «CREALLIANCE» which intends to promote the creation of alliances between different areas of expertise and to build bridges between people from different backgrounds through information divulgence, encounters, training and networking. The common thread is an interest in Jungian-psychology and interpretation of dreams. Los Portales is an intentional community that practices innovative ways of life in different areas including organic agriculture, holistic education, deep psychology, empowering and power sharing systems of governance, conflict resolution, natural medicines, art, clean energies, an economy based on sharing, and above all, the empowerment of each individual, continually advancing towards greater sustainability and self-sufficiency. The eco-village Los Portales still has a free place for its project “Learning to Live and Grow up in an Ecovillage 5”, 9 months long, to start before December 2018. Los Portales are one of the oldest, longest standing communities in Spain, although they did start as an ‘intentional community’ rather than an eco village. C'est un bon exemple de ce que pourrait être une communauté soutenable dans une société de la décroissance. The Global Ecovillage Network is a registered charity: SC043796 and has consultative status in the UN – ECOSOC. Los Portales is located in the South of Spain, 50 km north of Seville in the foothills of Sierra Morena, it covers an area of 200 ha and remains mostly in its natural state covered by rockrose and holm oaks. All content on this site is licensed under under a. In the hilly region north of Seville, more than two decades ago, fans of the Jung School of Psychology, mostly Belgians, settled in and called it Los Portales. Each member is responsible for their own inner work and makes a commitment to the community to work on their own conflicts. We use dreamwork as well as Process Work, Forum tools, family and systemic constellations, among others, to practice deep democracy, transform relational difficulties and global conflicts. We also use local edible plants in our kitchen. Los Portales also aims to make our knowledge, experiences and practices accessible to the wider community through free regular guided visits, workshops, trainings, participation in WWOOFING, conferences, the opportunity for temporary members to experience the programme of community life and short vacations or retreats. Holistic You can also subscribe to your region's newsletter for local updates! We conceive the community not as an end in itself, but as a means of creation and a path of transformation. We explore the correspondence between the inside and the outside; we try to minimize the waste produced by our activities, starting with our “emotional waste”, which is often the most difficult to recycle, and we learn to support the self-regulating aspects of the group and its collective intelligence. For example, we value diversity as a way of enriching our human and natural “ecosystem”, and we observe and honour the group as a living system, where each person’s role is valued. I had a frozen margarita, and it was good and strong. Workshops & general information: Greg & Catherine - info@losportales.net volontariat: Charlotte - voluntariado@losportales.net ESC projects: Neus - escprojects@losportales.net Important: You need to contact us before you come for a visit. We organically produce vegetables, seasonal fruit, grains, goat cheese, olive oil, medicinal herbs, spices, herbal teas and remedies, preserves and natural cosmetics. All content on this site is licensed under under a. They didn't disappoint! Today we are 75% self-sufficient in food. Rosalie Poskin is a founder member of Los Portales, a rural ecovillage on 200 hectares near Seville in Spain. Here they’ve found peace to devote themselves to inner work through dreams. Your donation helps to support and to spread ecovillages around the world. 8. From there a process of integration as a temporary member can begin. Would definitely go back. 6541 Market Drive Gloucester, VA 23061 Open Monday - Thursday 11 am - 10 pm Friday & Saturday 11 am - 11 pm Sunday 11 am - 9 pm Economic Los Portales is a group of people and a community that was founded in 1984 with the intention of developing innovative ways of life in different areas (organic agriculture, holistic education in healthy and co-creative relationship to nature, soft and alternative medicines, arts, clean energies, an economy based on sharing and generosity, and above all, the empowerment of each individual) … The ecovillage Los Portales, founded in 1984 and located in Castilblanco de los Arroyos (Seville, Spain), is one of the oldest and most stable in Spain. Our main office is located at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, MO, USA. ... Del viernes 18 al domingo 20 de septiembre, en Los Portales, tendremos la oportunidad de descubrir y experimentar todo lo que estas comunidades sostenibles pueden ofrecernos. More about Los Portales: www.losportales.net, [email protected], Filed Under: General Tagged With: Dimensions of Sustainability, Permaculture, urban ecovillages. los portales La finca se encuentra en las estribaciones de la Sierra Morena , a unos 50 Km. We value beauty, art, music, singing, dance, gastronomy, group meditation, as ways to give cohesion to the group. We have the calling to be present and in interaction with our nearby environment through all sorts of local and regional networks. Welcome to Los Portales Los Portales – a place for friends and families to create lasting memories. Our community was founded on a gift economy system; the principle that each contributes according to their possibilities and obtains from the group according to their needs, within a collectively agreed framework. After 33 years of existence, Los Portales is a well-established, stable and broad project that has developed in many directions and integrated the main dimensions of sustainability. At Los Portales we strive to bring you the experience and excellence of Mexican hospitality and cuisine originating from Zacatecas, Mexico that has been carefully … Founded in Andalucía in 1984 (although born in 1978 in Brussels), the inspiration of the founders was nurtured by Jungian psychology and dreamwork as a way to know and transform our fears and pains into power, and to access our hidden talents. At sunrise, we head with Alicia and Johnny to another eco-community three hours away. Enjoy a variety of delicious Mexican Food, Freshly-Made For You. Our ecological consciousness developed gradually, from the inside out, through dreamwork, by listening to our deepest needs and longings and through our connection to our natural environment. al norte de Sevilla, y ocupa una superficie de 200 ha. Donating funds to GEN is a tangible way to contribute to this concrete and dynamic movement for positive change. The Global Ecovillage Network envisions a world of empowered people and communities, designing pathways to a sustainable future, while building bridges of hope and international solidarity. The materialization of this commitment has evolved and will continue evolving over the years in order to meet the collective and global need for change. Cultural Los Portales organiza un taller-entrenamiento en trabajo con los sueños del 1 al 3 de mayo, con Rosalie Poskin.Será practico y vivencial y se dirige tanto a personas que tienen interés en comprender mejor sus sueños, como a aquellos que buscan conocerse mejor y potenciar sus procesos de cambio. Our main office is located at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, MO, USA. Before applying for membership, people are invited to come as volunteers and participate in one or more "experience weeks" to get to know us better. This allows us to realize our highest potential so that each individual discovers and manifests their own uniqueness, but also feels deeply connected to the others; a group of EMPOWERED individuals. Eventually, we aim to establish a firm commitment to personal and global growth and harmony through respect to oneself, each other and our environment. The founders were inspired by Jungian psychology and dreamwork as a way to access and tap into our wholeness to give a deep sense of meaning to our lives. We produce olive oil, bread, goats cheese, wine; we grow vegetables, grains (ancestral wheat, rye, oats and hay for the animals) and medicinal plants for our own needs, and also use the rich edible local wild flora. Went to Los Portales after the first Mexican restaurant I tried was packed. This initiative was launched in June 2018 at the annual meeting of the RIE (Red Ibérica de Ecoaldeas) which took place in Los Portales, (ecovillage-community of which I am a member). One burrito, one taco and one enhilada Volunteering supports the network while forming valuable connections, meeting incredible people, and contributing to a positive future. For more information, please write to Neus at [email protected] … Read more A Sense Of Community Built And Shared By Empowered Individuals. Finca Los Portales, centro de actividades cerca de Sevilla, Castilblanco de los arroyos Ecovillages are a wonderful world of bird diversity, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. We find inspiration from the foundations of ecology and permaculture and apply them in the social and psychological dimensions of our lives. One of my favorite Mexican places in the QCA.. Connecting Communities for a Sustainable World. Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to keep up to date with the latest news and happenings in ecovillages and their allies around the globe. The community is a dynamic, diverse and multi-generational group and is organised in a sociocratic structure, which is used for decision-making. The Community Within Its Physical Environment Â. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Our mission is constantly evolving to respond to the global need for change at this very special time in the history of humanity. Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.